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The Convid-19 Safety Rules

In Correspondance with Onestopgraphics


As the outbreak of coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to expand ONESTOPGRAPHIC is closely monitoring the impacts of this in the UK, Scotland and around the world. 


I will remain compliant with all UK Government and Public Health guidelines


I am regularly monitoring developments and following guidance and advice from the British government 



I am not experiencing any disruption to my supply or production and are hopeful this can remain for as long as possible.

Our main Suppliers are still in business and delivering sign making products to every sign company and printing business throughout the UK, so as such see no reason why we can't stay in business as long as we follow the safety guidelines provided by the government or told otherwise to stop trading



As some of you might know, I am self-employed and work on my own, so there is no chance of me catching covid-19 of work colleagues, hence the reason i am still at work

Due to my wife being a Keyworker I have to drop her off in the morning, and my unit is only 2 mins away from her work, so I pop into work, and work until she is finished

During this time I still continue to offer certain sign making services online


  • vinyl stickers ( can be delivered )

  • signage 

  • safety signage ( can be delivered )

  • banners ( can be delivered )

  • business cards ( can be delivered )

  • flyers ( can be delivered )

  • vehicle graphics ( rules do apply )

  • magnetic signs for cars and vans

  • window graphics 

  • wall stickers ( can be delivered )

even though open for business my doors are closed for the safety of the public

but the great thing about today is how we can communicate via

  • facebook

  • email

  • mobile phone

  • text

and due to this most of the work, design and then manufacture can be discussed online, until the customer is happy with the final design


If the product has to be picked up, it will be cleaned down with alcohol spray to make sure it is safe for pickup

on pickup, the customer would need to let me know once outside so I could have the product ready and waiting on my workbench

i would open the door then stand back ( social distance rule ) to let you the customer pick up the product in question


the design of vehicles would be discussed and done online, and once happy i would proceed to cut the graphics out and arrange a day for fitting

on the day of fitting, I would open the shutter door and get the customer to drive their vehicle into my unit 

once the customer was out of there van i would keep my distance for safety reasons


I would then ask the customer just to leave their vehicle with me and comes back once done

once I have lettered the van I would give it a clean down with alcohol cleaning spray as I always do anyway, and them arrange for the customer to come and pick up the vehicle in question


due to the worry about the handling of money just now preferred payment method would be bank transfer



all safety procedures are followed in correspondence with the British Government


  • safety distance rule is applied if the customer has to come in the unit to pick items up

  • ( all items will be cleaning with wipes before pickup )

  • all communication with the customer will be done following the social distancing rule while wearing gloves and a mask

  • hand sanitizer and surface wipes will be available at the unit for the customer to use

  • safety signs are in place to let customers know of rules that are there for there safety

All visitors to my unit must follow the guidelines as highlighted throughout.


The health and safety of our customers are paramount.


if you have any questions or inquiries you would like to make please feel free to contact us